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Mold Remediation

Mold contamination is scary. You need an expert to properly handle and provide a suitable remedy to this challenging environmental problem. Every mold contamination situation is unique. Environmental Remediation Experts provides you with quick, professional mold remediation and removal services at a competitive price.
Every mold contamination situation is unique, but we are capable of handling them all: black mold, white mold, commercial mold remediation, residential mold removal, and mold removal from drywall, carpet, walls, ceilings, crawl spaces, HVAC systems, and bathrooms. Our experienced and well-trained project managers work with you to ensure you are provided with a mold removal solution that solves the problem in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
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We can handle all of your mold remediation needs, including:

  • Mold inspection and testing services
  • Needed repairs post mold removal
  • Containment ventilation
  • Use of air filtration devices, to catch disturbed mold spores
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, remediation, and disposal
  • Any moisture or humidity concerns.
Our staff are highly trained professionals who:

  • Provide efficient and professional service.
  • Understand and implement the necessary safety procedures required.
  • Are educated in the sources, dangers, and varieties of mold.
  • Are dedicated to public and workforce safety.
About Mold: Mold is type of fungi that typically grows in moist environments. Areas of growth can include an attic, a basement, an HVAC system, or even on walls or in ceilings. Inhalation of mold spores can cause significant health hazards including respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Professional mold removal will eliminate the source of growth and all mold currently present. Upon completion, the health benefits will be seen immediately and the concerned area will be safe to inhabit once more. Our highly skilled professionals are a phone call away from providing you with a solution to your current mold situation.
Environmental Remediation Experts is the choice for fast, compliant, low-cost and sustainable solutions to your environmental remediation challenges. We are experts in toxic mold remediation, EPA mold remediation, OSHA mold remediation, and all other mold remediation services. We provide services across the entire United States. Our team of experts and specialists, coupled with a broad array of partners, make us the number one choice for on-call mold growth assessment and remediation. In addition to certified mold remediation and removal, we offer disposal solutions and comprehensive environmental sustainability consulting services to address unique challenges.