Mold Remediation: 5 Signs You Need Professional Help

Though it’s certain to turn a few stomachs, mold is a perfectly natural thing. In fact, when found outdoors, mold plays an important role in the decay of organic matter, and is a vital component of the decomposition process. Mold is a natural part of the environment, but only the outdoor environment.

The indoor environment is another story. Indoor mold has been linked to numerous health issues. In a report issued in June of 2006, the CDC said that, “excessive exposure to mold-contaminated materials can cause adverse health effects in susceptible persons regardless of the type of mold or the extent of contamination.” Health issues range in severity, and commonly consist of things like skin irritation, eye irritation, wheezing or other respiratory issues, and nasal stuffiness. Individuals with mold allergies or chronic lung illnesses can experience significantly more serious symptoms, including mold infections.

Not to mention: from a purely aesthetic angle, this fungus is anything but attractive. Mold comes in varying hues and shades, sometimes showing up as white, green, gray, red, blue or black (generally the most toxic). Mold can be flat, bumpy, or fuzzy – but never pretty.

Common forms of mold

Common forms of mold

We clearly don’t want to play host to a potentially harmful fungus inside of our homes or places of business, but that doesn’t stop mold from taking up residence all the same. In both natural and unnatural settings, mold grows in damp and humid areas. When found indoors, mold is most commonly found in wall interiors, showers, crawl spaces, air ducts, and basements.

If you suspect a problem, review these 5 signs to determine whether or not you can handle it alone.

  1. The affected area is larger than ten square feet,
  2. The mold development is heavily concentrated,
  3. All the scrubbing and disinfecting in the world aren’t solving your problem,
  4. There has been substantial water damage, and/or
  5. Growth has occurred in or near the HVAC system.

Mold doesn’t justify panic. If you have issues with mold, you should try to remedy them. If the problem is too widespread or serious to tackle alone, you should hire a company that specializes in mold remediation. Environmental Remediation Experts has extensive experience in this matter. If you need to request a quote for services, simply visit this link and fill out the form.