How Can Mold Affect Your Health?

Mold is likely less dangerous to your health than you’ve been told, but that certainly doesn’t mean that itu2019s harmless or that it doesn’t justify concern. In fact, even the molds that produce toxic mycotoxins (like black mold) aren’t actually poisonous on their own, and the simple fact that mold can produce toxic mycotoxins doesn’t mean that it will.

If you’re currently dealing with a mold contamination issue, it might be wise to take this information into consideration before making a final decision about whether or not remediation is your next logical step.

Similar to many allergens and irritants, mold seems to affect some people more than others. Those that struggle with pronounced sensitivity to mold commonly suffer from skin or eye irritation, coughing, runny nose, wheezing, and nasal stuffiness. Those that suffer from serious allergies to mold might experience more severe reactions, such as shortness of breath or sudden fevers. Others still might develop mold infections in their lungs, particularly those that have been diagnosed with chronic respiratory illnesses.

Children with asthmatic conditions are also at a slightly higher risk for complications than otherwise healthy children.


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  • James Bergman

    You mentioned that black mold is not poisonous on its own, when is it poisonous then? Even if mold isn’t as harmful as I thought it was I don’t want it in my house. I’m fairly sure that I am allergic, but if I have mold in or on my walls then it means that I have moisture where I shouldn’t. In other words, if I have mold then I should clean it up, find out why it was growing there, and fix the problem.

  • April Cook

    I always thought mold was gross, but I didn’t realize it was bad for my health. I noticed some in my basement recently but have been putting of dealing with it. I like your tip to consider if there is anyone with allergies that could be effected by the mold. My boyfriend has allergies, so I think we will calla professional to come check out the mold. Thanks for this information!