A Church on a Mission: Asbestos Abatement

Walt Gore, a trustee of Christian Tabernacle Church, found himself in a tough situation. For quite some time, the over 100 year old church in the heart of Chicagoland had been dealing with some occasional water leakage. The water would often leak on to an area of floor tiling that secretly contained a sleeping giant.

Walt first contacted a repairman to come out and fix the water leak. The repairman noticed the damage done to the floor and informed Walt that these types of tiles almost always contained asbestos and would likely require removal. Rather than risk the health of the church’s congregation, Walt picked up the phone and called Environmental Remediation Experts and was quickly connected with a Technical Director, Jason Dunn.

asbestos contaminated tile

Mr. Dunn first sent someone out to the church to test the tiles for asbestos.  Walt’s concerns were correct, the tests came back positive.  Without hesitation, Walt decided to have the tiles removed.  Illinois state law requires a ten day notification before an asbestos abatement project can begin, so in order to get the project completed as soon as possible, Mr. Dunn then took care of getting all the paperwork requirements to the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.  Additionally, a third party was required to be present during the abatement project to perform air monitoring, and Mr. Dunn made all the necessary arrangements.  Walt could rest assured, the old church was in good hands.

Upon completion of the removal of the tiles, the air was cleared of all asbestos fibers and the area in the church was deemed asbestos free.  The project was completed within a single day and there were no complications.

Church was in session the following Sunday, and thanks to Mr. Dunn, the congregation could breathe easy as they rejoiced in unison.

Walt was very thankful for the work and the continuous correspondence of Environmental Remediation Experts from the initial call to the follow up post-abatement call:

“Upon contacting you, we quickly received an estimate and were referred to Jason Dunn who provided guidance, information and follow-ups until the work was scheduled. The technicians were very professional, cautious in how the removal was performed and left the area clean and neat as it was prior to the work being performed. A great job and we were very pleased with the process overall!”

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Article by Alaric W. Wimer